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Current waiting time in the vehicle registration office Kaiserslautern:

Current waiting time in the vehicle registration office Landstuhl:

Scenes from the Kaiserslautern County

Departments moved to different locations

Due to the pending energy-related renovation the county administration building in Kaiserslautern, Lauterstraße 8, will be completely cleared for the duration of the renovation. Departments and Offices will be moved to different locations, mainly within the city of Kaiserslautern. Another site is located in the building of Verbandsgemeindeverwaltung at Otterberg.

New main office of the county administration Kaiserslautern during the reconstruction phase will be the former

SWK-Building in Kaiserslautern, Burgstraße 11

  • Office of the County Commissioner and Deputies
  • Accounting and Community Review Office
  • Citizens’ Center
  • Department 1 (Central Tasks and Finances) to include District Accounting and Finance Office, Equal Opportunity Office, Culture and Public Affairs
  • Department 2 (Municipal Supervision and Legal Matters) with the District Legal Committee
  • Department 3 (Public Order, Traffic, and Schools) with Immigration Authority, School Administration, Public Transport, Vehicle Registration Office, and Drivers’ License Office
  • Department 5 (Construction)

Administrative Building (Behördenhaus), Kaiserslautern, Fischerstraße 12

  • Department 4 (Youth and Social Matters) Welfare, Economic Youth Services, Daycare, Sports, Social Services and Custodial Responsibilities

Public Health Office (Gesundheitsamt), Kaiserslautern, Pfaffenstraße 40-42

  • Public Health Office Kaiserslautern
  • Department 2 (Municipal Supervision and Legal Matters) with Municipal Supervision, Naturalization Service and Integration Delegate
  • Department 3 (Public Order, Traffic, and Schools) Weapons Authority
  • Department 6 (Food and Veterinary Matters, Agriculture, Hunting and Fishing)

Former Casino, Kaiserslautern, Am Altenhof 6

  • Waste Management
  • Environment and Water Management
  • Depart 4 (Youth and Social Matters) Parental Allowance Office, Juvenile Court Assistance, District Youth Care and Advance Maintenance Payments

Verbandsgemeindeverwaltung in Otterberg, Hauptstraße 27

  • County Music School
  • County Evening School
  • Department 4 (Youth and Social Matters) Guardianship Office

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