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Hiking and Nordic Walking in Kaiserslautern County

Wandern & Nordic Walking im Landkreis Kaiserslautern

Kaiserslautern County offers many routes for walks, hikes and Nordic Walking. The well-marked trails run through woods, occasionally through ravines or along mountain ridges with fantastic views, often through fields and pastures. And everywhere along the way you will come upon interesting sights and rustic dining facilities.

Information: Tourist office Kaiserslautern County, phone: 0631/7105228

Devils tour, VG Otterbach

The devils tour promises devilishly rises and heavenly views. The mixture of wild romantic creek valleys, steep rises and a breathtaking view over the Palatinate mountains, the Palatinate forest to the Thunder Mountain (687 m) makes the devils tour with its 14.8 km distance to a unique discovery trip of the Palatinate.

Information: Tourist office Otterbach, phone: 06301/607260

Sculpture trail, South Kaiserslautern

Sculpture trail, South Kaiserslautern

In the midst of idyllic nature in the Palatinate Forest the visitor can encounter man-made works: Sculptures made of sandstone, wood or metal, some of which blend harmoniously into the landscape, while others with their abstract shapes present an exciting contrast to nature. International sculptors' symposiums held since 1986 have so far resulted in more than 30 works of art.

While every object makes its own statement, together they form an inspired ensemble. Freely accessible year-round.

Information: Tourist office Kaiserslautern-Süd, phone: 0631/2016135

Sculpture trail, Rodenbach

Sculpture trail, Rodenbach

The 3 km long sculpture trail offers 20 stations on the topics of wood and water in relation to the Celtic past of Rodenbach.

Information: Tourist office Weilerbach, phone: 06374/922131

Palatine Route of St. James

Palatine Route of St. James

The Palatine Route of St. James begins in Worms or Speyer and reaches Johanniskreuz, coming from Elmstein and running along the Speyerbach river, Mückenwiese - Speyerbrunn (narrow valley, typical Palatine mixed forest). Here the Route of St. James enters the Kaiserslautern county.

The trail is well-marked with the scallop emblem (white scallop on blue ground) and with information boards describing the respective location and offering interesting facts.


"Searching for clues", Johanniskreuz

"Searching for clues", Johanniskreuz

The circular hiking trails can be used for a "time travel on foot" through local and forestry history from the Middle Ages to the present. Old boundary stones tell of varying ownership; groups of rare trees and typical forest scenes explain forest history; relics of charcoal burning and drifting give testimony of old, almost forgotten forest occupations.

Information: Tourist office Trippstadt, phone: 06306/341

The Palatinate on horseback

"Horseback hikes from farm to farm". The "Palatinate on horseback" is an interest group of Palatine horse farms enabling horseback hikers to tour the Palatinate from farm to farm, whether on their own or a rented horse, by themselves or with a guide. Discover the Palatinate on horseback.


Eisenhüttenweg (Iron works trail), Trippstadt

Because of the need for water power, the factory buildings of the Trippstadt Ironworks were located outside the village in the Moosalb valley between Oberhammer pond and rolling mill. The remains of these premises are closely connected with the names of Hacke and Gienanth (18th and 19th century).

Information: Tourist office Trippstadt, phone: 06306/341

Dr. Straßburg Kneipp trail, Neuhemsbach

On the initiative of the general practitioner Dr. Reiner Straßburg the communities of Breunigweiler, Gonbach, Münchweiler, Neuhemsbach and Sippersfeld joined forces to create a Kneipp trail. Kneipp basins are placed along the trail marked with a blue "K" at the Pfrimmerhof camp ground, in Gonbach, at Randeckerhof and at the hotel "Klostermühle" in Münchweiler. The complete trail is 23 kilometers long.

Information: Tourist office Enkenbach-Alsenborn, phone: 06303/913171

Theme trails, Otterberg

Six different circular routes of varying lengths and difficulty levels offer a variety of tours around Otterberg.

Information: Tourist office Otterberg, phone: 06301/31504

Spring and well trail, Kaiserslautern-Süd

The spring and well trail takes the visitor on two different routes to a total of nine different springs and wells.

Information: forestry office Kaiserslautern, phone: 0631/341980

Mill trail, Landstuhl

Hikers rave about the "mill trail" that starts in Landstuhl and passes 13 mills on its way south through the romantic valleys of the Stuhlback river and the Walhalbe. On a stretch of 23 km the hiker can still experience true romanticism. The Sickingen castle of Nanstein in Landstuhl and the "living mill museum", the Rosselmühle, where the water still turns the huge mill wheel, invite you to stop for a visit.

Information: Touristinformation Sickingen tourism Landstuhl, phone: 06371/1300012