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Zoo, Siegelbach

Zoo, Kindsbach

The terrain of 7 hectares (17 acres) is home to around 250 animals of more than 55 species. You can see exotics as well as wild and domestic animals from various countries, among them predators, hoofed animals, birds, primates, various species of game and reptiles. In the last few years the facilities and the selection of animals have undergone major changes. This becomes most obvious in the completely renovated monkey and reptile house. The former chimpanzee cage is now a place for Common Marmosets. The llama area has been renovated and the lion cage redone.

The raccoons also got a new place. To raise people's interest in nature conservation, you can find small biotopes here, such as a natural pond, a wet area crossed by a nature trail, and an insect paradise.

Information: Zoo-Gesellschaft Kaiserslautern mbH, phone: 06301/71690 or Tourist Information Kaiserslautern, phone: 0631/365231,

Game park, Kaiserslautern

Game park, Kaiserslautern

The outdoor game enclosure, 25 hectares (61 acres) in size, houses mostly those game species that are native to our area. In the wisent enclosure there is a wetland which native frogs and amphibians enjoy. A stroll through this gorgeous piece of forest is rewarding in any season.

Informaion: Tourist office Kaiserslautern, phone: 0631/3652317