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Paul Junker - Landrat

Dear citizens,

I most cordially welcome you to our virtual pages. It is our responsibility to strengthen the County of Kaiserslautern as it is constantly undergoing change and to develop it in a sustainable manner. Our mandate in the County Administration is: You, the citizens are at the very center of all of our activities and efforts. We continually strive to improve the quality in all of our services.

For the taxes that you pay you are entitled to receive the best possible, friendliest, legally reliable, economically the most advantageous, quality-ensured services.

Accordingly, I appreciate all recommendations and criticism that helps us make more efficient the processes and the workflow within our administration. Therefore, please don’t hesitate to call or write to us. We are all aware of the fact that we cannot do right by all; we will however in every case consider your matter and concern most seriously.

Our county is confronted with truly significant challenges. By way of examples, I would just like mention shaping of the demographic change, sustaining attractive conditions to keep and attract businesses and citizens, improvement of education and vocational training, constant improvements in the area of mobility and traffic infrastructure - these challenges and many more need to be addressed against the background of a very serious budget situation.

For sure, there is much to do in our county. I have an idea: get involved, come along, partake and be with it.

I look forward to that.

Yours truly
Paul Junker
County Commissioner